Why Our Nut Butters Are Truly Incredible

Kionna Crosby TRŪ Wellness Blog

3 words: House-made nut butters. Yep! We make our absolutely delicious and protein packed nut butters in-house. 

You know what else?

We only use fresh roasted nuts to make them. 

True, Authentic, And Raw Nut Butters

Regular nut butters are made with additions like oils, salts, and even sugars. 

Our butters are not only different; they’re healthier, more flavorful, and just all around better for you and your health. 

We believe in the benefits and flavors of nuts so much, that we don’t need to add anything to them to make our butters. 

Straight Up Nuts

We only use nuts when making our cashew, peanut, and almond butters.

How is that possible?

Well, we use a special machine to blend the nuts. You get all of the protein and nutrition without any added preservatives, salts, or oils. 

Our Butters And Your Creation

Our nut butters are so creamy. They are also the perfect energy booster and fantastic topping to add to your hand-crafted superfood bowl. 

Drizzle it on top of your acai bowl.

Add it to your smoothie.

Or turn our House-Made Peanut Butter or Almond Butter into a base for an extra protein boost.

The nut butter toppings come free with your hand-crafted bowl!

Nut Benefits 

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Or do you eat Keto or just follow your own rules? 

Nuts are suitable for any and every type of diet!

Which means that anyone can eat them (unless of course, you’re allergic to them.) 

Nuts are high in fiber, help lower cholesterol, and are packed with other nutrients like magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. 

Nut butters give you a highly concentrated form of all of those nutrients.

Totally Guilt-Free Eating

We believe in creating treats that leave your sweet tooth and belly satisfied, but without the guilt.

Want even butter days?

Come on over to a TRŪ Bowl location near you and try one of our very own housemade nut butters. 

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to snap a pic of your creation and tag us on Instagram!

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