Raw Blends

Raw Blends

Jump right into health mode with these long lasting energy smoothies. Packed with an entire day’s serving of fruits and veggies. No artificial flavors or additives, just true, raw ingredients.

  • Popeye – spinach & kale, pineapple, orange and banana.
  • Mango Tango – spinach & kale, mango, orange and banana.
  • Cucumber Cooler – spinach & kale, cucumber, lemon and pineapple.
  • Green Pina – spinach & kale, coconut oil, banana and pineapple.
  • Almond Goodness – spinach & kale, almond butter, pear, and banana blended with almond milk.
  • Glow Green– spinach & kale, pear, pineapple, lemon and ginger.
  • Purple Haze – coconut water, acai, mixed berries and banana.
craft bowl with fruit

Protein Blends

Just like our raw blends, these power shakes come packed with protein.

  • The Hulk – spinach & kale, hemp protein, pineapple and banana.
  • Zeus– acai, greek yogurt, strawberry, banana, MCT oil, topped with hemp seed granola (almond milk base).
  • Coco Loco – acai, strawberry, banana, house-made peanut butter, chocolate whey protein, topped with cacao nibs (almond milk base).
  • The Champ – Oats, almond butter, vanilla whey protein, banana, coconut oil, cinnamon, egg whites (almond milk base).
craft bowl with fruit

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