pretty Pitaya bowl

Pitaya – the Prettiest Fruit You’ll Ever Eat

Martha Barbosa TRŪ Wellness Blog

Are there fruits you have never heard of? Pitaya may have been a foreign word to you until now.

This exotic looking fruit is not to be confused with a similar sounding fruit, papaya.

This fruit is entirely in its own class and just as we are familiar with bananas, blueberries, apples, and now the acai berry, it’s time to become familiar with Pitaya.

What Is Pitaya?

Does ‘dragon fruit’ ring a bell? If so, then you’re already familiar with Pitaya. Much like we have nicknames, fruits also have many different names that they go by.

This fruit is native to Central America.

Want to know a fun fact about Pitaya?

It’s actually a cactus!

This means that this fruit is drought tolerant. It does a fantastic job at holding water, making it the perfect fruit to refresh and hydrate you on an especially hot day.

Outer And Inner Beauty

Pitaya with white flesh

Okay, so, we can’t look at this fruit and not admit how aesthetically pleasing and beautiful it is.

The green sprouts that adorn and complement the pink base resemble a flame of fire.

It’s like the fruit is on fire.

Ms. Pitaya is ready for her close up!

The flavor may also set your tastebuds on fire in a good way.

Cut it open and your eyes will be greeted by what looks like an abstract painting.

A Splash of Refreshment

The flesh can either be white with black dots or deep pink with black dots.

The darker in color the flesh is, the sweeter the taste. The flavors range from light and subtly sweet to very sweet.

Like acai, Pitaya is a base for our bowls and can be layered with unlimited toppings with which to adorn your bowl.

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