greek yogurt with oranges and kiwis and granola

Get Your Greek Yogurt On

Martha Barbosa TRŪ Wellness Blog

We know. You’re wondering what Greek yogurt has to do with Greece. And the answer is ‘nothing.’ Or, maybe ‘Greek’ is a code word for ‘healthier’… 

Because this yogurt is one of the healthiest yogurt options available to us. 

Is Greek Yogurt TRŪly Unique?

Well, yes, it is.

Unlike other yogurts, Greek yogurt goes through a process to remove whey, thickening agents, milk protein, and water. 

What’s left is a thicker, creamier, more tart tasting, and nutrient rich yogurt.

It is also called ‘strained yogurt’ or ‘yogurt cheese.’ 

A Tart Treat For Your Bowl

Here at TRŪ bowl, Greek yogurt can be used as a base for your bowl

Pack your bowl with fresh fruits, granola, and nuts. This will help to balance out the tanginess of the yogurt and add some sweetness. 



The Many Benefits of Such A Healthy Yogurt

Did you know that this yogurt is a great post workout snack?

That’s because it contains protein. Protein is great for muscle recovery. 

It also boasts about having other health benefits such as being:

  • A great source of calcium
  • Low on sugar
  • A healthy probiotic (full of live organisms also called ‘cultures’)
  • High in vitamin B12
  • Packed with potassium

Remember those 90s commercials about milk? The saying was always how milk was good for healthy bones.

Well, Greek yogurt has more calcium than milk.

Making it more of a protein powerhouse to keep your bones strong and healthy.

And it’s much easier on the digestive system.

No more bubble guts!

The Most Cultured Yogurt You’ll Ever Enjoy 

We love taking your tastebuds on adventures.

We’ll always do it in the healthiest, most nutritious way. 

Stop by a TRŪ bowl location near you and pack a bowl using Greek yogurt as a base.

Your tastebuds will TRŪly have the most cultured experience ever!