Two Acai bowls

Acai You In Paradise

Kionna Crosby TRŪ Wellness Blog

When you think of a berry, what comes to mind? A blueberry? Or even a raspberry? How about the acai berry?

Perhaps you have never heard of acai. Or maybe you’re obsessed with eating acai bowls and you don’t actually know what it is that you’re eating. Either way, let’s explore what the acai berry is and why this fruit is taking everyone’s tastebuds by storm.

Wait, but how is it pronounced?

How would you say ‘acai’ if you never heard it pronounced before? Would you say, “ah-kai” or “ah-ka-ee”? The correct pronunciation is “ah-sigh-ee”.

Is your mind blown yet?

Where does Acai come from?

The glorious and magnificent palm tree. If you live in Southern California, you’re used to being surrounded by palm trees. Unlike the palm trees found in California, the palm trees found in the Amazon rainforests in South America actually produce something: the acai berry.

Hundreds of these berries hang in clusters from the strong palm tree vines.

Each tree is capable of producing 44 pounds of  berries per year! Can you imagine how many bowls you can make with that?

Paradise in a bowl

The decadent, rich flavor of this berry is a cross between cacao nibs and pomegranate and raspberries. This berry can be puréed, chilled, and served as a refreshing smoothie bowl and paired with flavorful toppings like: strawberries, mangos, pineapples, pumpkin seeds, coconut shavings, dark chocolate, or even chocolate hazelnut granola.

Is your mouth watering yet?

If you’ve never eaten acai before or you’re obsessed with eating it (sadly, there’s no in between), we’d love to make a tasty, satisfying, and healthy smoothie or bowl for you to enjoy! Stop by a TRŪ Bowl location near you and grab yourself a delicious and delightful treat. Your taste buds will praise you for the quick trip to paradise!