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A Delightful Fact About Overnight Oats

Kionna Crosby TRŪ Wellness Blog

Imagine waking up to an already made nutritious and delicious breakfast. With overnight oats, you can do just that!

We love the convenience of this nutrient packed breakfast. They can be topped with many things or enjoyed with minimal toppings.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy them, we know that you’ll be satisfied.

Where Did Overnight Oats Come From?

They were invented in Switzerland.

Did you know that?

They were created by the Swiss doctor and nutritionist Maximillian Bircher-Benner. He developed these as a clever way to encourage his patients to eat more fruit.

What a delicious way to incorporate more fruit into your diet!

These Swiss oats are soaked in a liquid (apple juice, water, or milk) and topped with apples, raisins, and a spoonful of yoghurt.

This creates a creamy and rich bowl of oats.

Getting Creative

How do you like to eat your overnight oats? Like any great thing, we always love to put our own twist on it.

Get creative with your overnight oats fun and add a bit of flare to your breakfast or your afternoon snack.

Top it with strawberries, bananas, mangos, nuts, raisins, or simply soak them in apple juice and top it with cinnamon.

Truly, the sky is the limit!

How do you like to make your oats?

Leave a comment below letting us know.

Warm or Cold Comfort

The temperature of your oats depends on your preference.

No one way is better than the other.

The traditional way would be to eat them chilled, since they are ready to eat right away after soaking overnight in the fridge.

TRŪ Bowl’s Overnight Oats Creation

Here at TRŪ Bowl we offer cold or warm overnight oats. Try our Maple Cold Oats/Overnight Oats. They are soaked in our delicious nut-based milk. They are great on top of our acai too! Or alone and topped with our fresh fruits, nuts, and honey. This makes for a great meal or power house snack.


Make it your own and grab a bowl today!