acai berries in cups

4 Powerful Benefits of Acai 

Kionna Crosby TRŪ Wellness Blog

Everyone has to eat. There are powerful benefits of acai that will aid in the overall health of your body. 

The little acai berry is not only a superfood; it’s also a powerhouse. It is packed full of nutrients and benefits that you may not have known about.

What are the benefits of acai?  

Acai is full of Vitamin C and naturally has a lower sugar content than most fruits.

Why are these features important?

They help benefit the body in 4 powerful ways. 

  1. Immunity booster

 No one likes being sick. Vitamin C has the ability to power your immune system so that it is strong enough to fight diseases. 

Just as coffee boosts your energy levels, one of the benefits of acai is that the Vitamin C boosts your immune system. 

  1. Collagen production

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Collagen is an important protein that aids in the health of our skin and the strength of our bones. 

 As we age, the collagen production decreases. 

 One of the benefits of acai is that it aids in supplementing your body with this important protein. 

  1. Less sugar means less inflammation

Another of the benefits of acai is its naturally low sugar content.

Why is this important? 

Sugar causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation can damage the bodies’ organs and contribute to obesity and diabetes among other health issues.

  1. Clear and radiant skin

Eating less sugar helps decrease insulin production which decreases oil and acne production

Who doesn’t want to look rejuvenated and have a face free of acne?

It’s a win-win situation! 

If we are what we eat, let’s eat more foods that benefit our bodies. Next time you want to reach for a bag of potato chips, try reaching for a bowl of acai berries instead. Stop by a TRŪ Bowl location near you and let us serve you a beneficial acai treat!